Your patients & potential patients are on social media! (Pew Research Center)

  • 72% of online adults use Facebook
  • 23% of online adults use Twitter
  • 25% of online adults use LinkedIn

People are talking about you, your practice & specialty, online. Be part of the conversation. (Mintel)

  • 69% of people seek out advice and opinions on goods & services before purchasing. Of those, 70% visit user review sites & 57% percent visit social media networks, for recommendations.

By being active on social media, in addition to maintaining a professional website, you can help to control what information about you shows on the first page of Google search.(ProtoFuse)

  • More than 90% of people who use Google search, will only look at the first page of listings. Less than 10% of people who use Google search, will look at the listings on the second page.

What Can You Accomplish By Using Social Media?

  • Help to control the information about you, your education, experience, qualifications, specialty and style of practice, that is out there on the Internet
  • Play a strong part in determining what information about you shows on the first page of listings, when your name, or the name of your practice, is googled.
  • Strengthen and build relationships with patients, potential patients, colleagues, vendors, your community and the media by building trust and confidence, in you and your practice
  • Let the public know what is happening inside your practice, share event announcements, staff news, new products & services, patient success stories, important health news, etc.
  • Give your best patients and biggest fans, a forum to sing your praises, online
  • Allow the outside world to get to know you, become comfortable with you, see that you are bright, caring, qualified and approachable
  • Provide yourself the opportunity to have your posts and original articles shared by media outlets and other social media users
  • Show the world that you are up to date and well connected, as not being on social media gives the appearance of being antiquated and out of touch
  • Increase your SEO, by linking your social media sites to your website & posting great content

 Which Social Media Sites Should I Be On, And Why?

  • Facebook – Think of Facebook as a mini, interactive website, that allows you to share news, information, photos and videos with your patients and your community. It gives people a platform to reply to your posts, ask questions, and become more familiar with your practice. It is also a wonderful forum for your biggest fans to sing your praises. 72% of online adults are on Facebook!
  • Twitter – Twitter is an excellent platform to use to make short announcements to your audience. You can use it to share events, news and links to your blog posts or videos. 23% of online adults are on Twitter!
  • LinkedIn – Every professional, regardless of their field, should have a LinkedIn page. Think of LinkedIn as a catalog of resumes. It is the most trusted source for business professionals to share their education, experience, and qualifications, online with other professionals. Your practice should have a business page, as well. 25% of online adults use LinkedIn.

Jill Fox – Owner, Fox Social Media

Why Physicians Need To Be On Social Media
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