Gone are the days when people’s buying decisions were influenced by what they saw and heard on television, radio, magazines and newspaper ads. According to Nielsen, 80% of people trust the recommendations of friends, neighbors and their peers, over traditional advertising.

If you’re a small business owner, that’s not all bad. With the cost of advertising being difficult for many small businesses to afford, there are other options that can be very effective, such as Influencer Marketing. Enter the Blogger!

Bloggers are individuals who are skilled at styling and presenting products in ways that resonate with their followers. Many are skilled photographers. Others work with professionals who shoot and edit their photos. Talented bloggers are also experts at caption writing. Good bloggers have very large numbers of Instagram followers, and many also have successful blogs and/or websites.

Fox Social Media recently created a successful blogger outreach program for one of our clients, who owns an online retail store. Within the first month, we were able to seek out, create relationships, and partner with bloggers from around the United States, who collectively have close to 200,000 followers. Our client spent just $300 on this program! This client gave each blogger their choice of one of 34 items from their online store, shipped the items to them, and asked each blogger to post just one photo of themselves wearing/using the item, on their Instagram account. In addition, each blogger was given a unique blogger code. This code acted as both a 10% off coupon code for their followers to use on any purchase on our client’s website, and a way for our client to track the sales that originated from each blogger.

Since our client is a small business, they did not have the budget to pay bloggers a fee for posting their items (which many of the larger bloggers will ask for.) We had to find a way to make this program very attractive to bloggers, so they would be willing to work for free items and commissions. Here is what this successful program offers to bloggers:

  • A free item (they choose one of 34 products)
  • 10% off coupon for their followers (this coupon doesn’t expire)
  • 10% commission on EVERY sale that originates from the blogger (this program doesn’t expire)
  • The ability to buy an unlimited amount of products from our client’s website at cost, with the understanding that they will post at least one photo of themselves, with each item, on their Instagram. (They are not given this privilege until after they post the photo of their free item.)
  • A photo and bio listing on our client’s website Featured Blogger Page
  • A Featured Blogger Badge for their blog/website/social media
  • A promise from our client to continually promote them and their blog, across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. (This also provides our client with tons of high quality content, featuring their products.)

In return, our client has built, and continues to build, wonderful relationships with these popular Blogger Influencers. They’ve also received many gorgeous, professional quality photos of these beautiful bloggers wearing/using their items. These photos are very useful to their customers who are seeking out styling ideas. Our clients’ products are now in front of 200,000 additional potential shoppers. (Or at least as many of them as Instagram’s algorithm will allow.)

This has not only been a successful exercise for Fox Social Media, but a very fun one, as well. Fashion/Lifestyle Bloggers are wonderfully kind, positive, creative people, and are an absolute pleasure to work with. Each one is basically a model, personal stylist, professional photographer and caption writer, all rolled up into one awesome person! We believe that Influencer Marketing is the way of the future!

Jill Fox

Owner – Fox Social Media










Bloggers Can Be A Business Owner’s Best Friend (How To Create A Successful Influencer Marketing Program)
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