Fox Social Media Owner, Jill Fox, has been working in social media, since before the term “social media,” existed. Her work has evolved with the times, and she has gone from creating gorgeous, full-color newsletters for businesses, to social media marketing, consulting, training and management. She absolutely loves helping clients grow their businesses, increase their sales, and build relationships with their existing and new clients. Jill has set-up, run, and managed the social media operations for clients in the fields of health, law, education, sports, charity, non-profit, fitness, fashion, TV & film production, talent management, on-line retail, magazine publication, solar energy and more. Having the knowledge and expertise to correctly navigate social media in regulated industries, Jill is a trusted resource for her clients in those fields. Another of Jill’s passions is teaching, and she has been fortunate enough to be invited to guest lecture at a prominent, local university, and speak to local business groups, on the topic of social media.

At Fox Social Media, we can help you create a social media plan for your business. We offer a broad range of services, from consultation, social media set-up and training, to complete operation, management and oversight. In conjunction with Beacon Sales & Marketing, we also offer lead generation, newsletters, drip marketing services and promotional products. Please contact us at to schedule a consultation.YOU-CANT-STOP-2.png

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